• Date
    June 20-21, 2014
  • Start
    Friday June 20th 7:00 pm
  • Address
    Towngate Centre, Basildon, Essex, UK
  • Tickets



(includes entrance to both nights events, after-parties).



TICKETS NOW ON SALE at the Towngate Theatre box office



*** It is with great regret that Bas Productions have to announce that Naked Lunch will be unable to perform at BAS 2104 due to Tony Mayo suffering a serious fall . We wish him well and for a speedy recovery. We are happy to announce band EmT will be replacing them in the 7pm – 7:30pm slot opening on The Saturday Night. ***


Friday Afternoon

1:30pm The Bas Bus Tour at Festival Leisure Park Depart From Hollywood Bowl

Friday Night 

6:00pm – 8:00pm – Bas Welcome Reception and Photo Exhibition with sounds from Mixmaster Morris in the Gielgud Room (Upstairs in the Towngate Theatre)

8:00pm – 9:15pm – Modovar

9:15pm – 9:45pm – Intermission with Mixmaster Morris

9:45pm – 11:00pm – SPEAK & SPELL 

DM Themed After Party at The Edge

Doors Open 11:00pm
DJs start 11:30pm
with Kellertechnik & DJ Dominatrix


Saturday Afternoon

Depeche Mode 101 in The Gielgud Room at The Towngate Theatre (Upstairs)

Saturday Night

6:00pm – 7:00pm – BGM Doors Open and Photo Exhibition Viewing in Gielgud Room

7:00pm – 7:30pm – EmT ( replacing Naked Lunch)

7:30pm – 7:45pm – Intermission with Steve Thorogood

7:45pm – 8:15pm – Rob Marlow

8:15pm – 8:30pm – Intermission with Steve Thorogood

8:30pm – 9:15pm – Sinestar

9:15pm – 9:45pm – Intermission with Steve Thorogood

9:45pm – 11:00pm – MESH

After Party at The Edge

Doors Open 11:00pm
DJs start 11:30pm
with DJ Electric Dream & Lilian DJ Ska


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We are happy to confirm, The Bas Event will be happening on June 20-21 in Basildon, Essex, UK

Friday night schedule Part One
Friday June 20 – “Sounds Of Basildon Night”

Doors Open at 6pm

Bas Welcome Reception from 6pm in the Gielgud Room, with dj tunes from the one and only MixMaster Morris
Also Showing in The Gielgud Room, a photo exhibition from Tim Williams.

Venue: Towngate Centre (Mirren Studio), Basildon

Headline act: Speak and Spell
Support act:Modovar(Exclusive performance for BAS2014 of material by Yazoo/Erasure/Vince Clarke)
Other Support acts may be announced at a later date.
MC/host Dave Charles

Friday night schedule Part Two
BAS ‘DM’ Themed After show party 

Venue: The Edge Bar Basildon (formerly the DM hangout ‘The Highway’ in the 80s)

DJ Dominatrix (from Germany)
KellerTechnik (from Germany)

Saturday June 21 – “ Nu- Electro Synth Night ”
Saturday night schedule Part One

Doors Open at 6pm

Venue: Towngate Centre (Mirren Studio), Basildon

Headline act: MESH
Support act: Sinestar
Special Guests: EmT (Replacing Naked Lunch)
& Perfomance by: Rob Marlow

DJ Tunes from Steve Thorogood

MC/host: Dave Charles
Other support acts may be announced at a later date.

Saturday night schedule Part Two
‘Classic/electro’-After Show party 

Venue: The Edge Bar Basildon (formerly the DM hangout ‘The Highway’ in the 80s)

Special DJ Guests: Lilian DJ Ska & DJ Electric Dream

The Bands



Modovar are songwriting team, Christopher Beecham (Vocals) and Glen Wisbey (Music). Each member of this duo brings their varied and eclectic musical influence to the mix and so the name, Modovar, derived from Arabic and ‘of uncertain origin’ perfectly captures this diversity; influenced by formative synth artists, Yazoo, Depeche Mode and Eurythmics, inspired by classic pop, torch song singers and 70′s soul and with more than a nod to the dance floor, Modovar’s sound is uniquely their own and yet immediately accessible to the listener...



EmT are Ema Walter and Tony Blue. They are a duo from the outskirts of London, who recently got together to release a number of songs that are getting plenty of airtime around the world...



Mesh was formed in 1991 by Mark Hockings (vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, lyrics) and Richard Silverthorn (keyboards, programming) after the two met at a gig where Silverthorn’s band was playing. They were soon joined by Neil Taylor (keyboards, programming), a former band-mate of Silverthorn, and continued as this line up until September 2006...


Rob Marlow

Robert Marlow grew up in Basildon with future Depeche Mode members Vince Clarke, Martin Gore, and Andy Fletcher. He is also tied to Alison Moyet, with whom he played in a band, The Vandals.....



Until coming together in late 2008, British indi-electro collective Sinestar were walking totally diverse musical paths. The paths converged when bassist and studio owner Ade Pridham drew together Iain Brownlie (Vocals), Mark Trueman (Keys Programming), Matt Mohangee (Drums) and Steve John (Lead Guitar) in the form of Sinestar previous incarnation “Jagged”....

The DJs


Lilian DJ Ska

LILIAN DJ SKA also known as a VINYL LADY has been collecting records for over 12 years and has been proudly playing them around LONDON for the last 4!


Mixmaster Morris

Born in Brighton, live in Camberwell; DJ for 30 years in 41 countries . Residencies at legendary clubs like Synergy, Lost, Megatripolis, Tribal Gathering.. Appeared at clubs like The Hacienda, The Orbit. Back 2 Basics, Club UK, Ministry and Studio 54 NY… 3 Irresistible Force ...


Steve Thorogood

Local DJ Steve started DJing over 30 years ago at a Punk Night at the Electric Blue ( Saks) which moved onto the now legendary Friday Night at the Swag Club, playing a mixture of Punk, Post Punk and New Wave Anthems from bands such as Joy Division, Cabaret Voltaire and D.A.F....