In July of 2011, Deb Danahay, who is associated as running the Depeche Mode and Yazoo fan-clubs during the 80s, brought together a well-organized gathering of people from Europe and the UK , Bands and Djs to celebrate the electro heritage of Basildon which was titled ‘A Very Special Weekend in Basildon’. It was a roaring success by DM ‘Devotees’ and electronic enthusiasts alike and by the second year had developed into a full-on production company.

The result was..Bas Productions, a Basildon based production company who have successfully pulled off four yearly electro weekend events and a handful of smaller events, keeping to the professional standards that people have come to recognise in Bas Productions.

Bas Productions’ events to date are as follows:

  • May 2012 – BAS II ( Blancmange and Speak & Spell Headlining )
  • Sept 2012 – THE BOX
  • Dec  2012 – THE XMAS BOX
  • May 2013 – BAS 2013 ( Heaven 17, Speak & Spell and Analog Angel Headlining )
  • Dec 2013 – BAS XMAS MASH
  • Jun 2014 – BAS 2014 ( Mesh and Speak & Spell Headlining )
  • Jun 2015 – BAS 2015 (De/Vision and Speak & Spell Headlining )

Bas Productions have also produced music videos for bands STRANGERS , MODOVAR and AUTOMATIC WRITING, a bunch of remixes, and studio album mixing for bands that have participated at Bas Productions’ events.

Bas Productions currently consists of core team members:

Gary Clark, Richard Sharpe, Susan Paget Ryder, Kevin Burtt

Bas Productions would also like to thank all the staff, crew and volunteers we have had along the way including Deb Danahay, Alex Bourner, Claire Whatley, Tim Williams and the many others who have helped make BAS what it is today.