The BAS DM BUS TOUR – Visiting Depeche Mode’s Basildon

Thousands of people from all around the world have visited Basildon in the last 20 years in the hope of experiencing Depeche Mode’s home town. It began as a trickle in the early 1990’s as Depeche Mode gained worldwide fame. This became a torrent in the 2000’s particularly after a number of books and biographies started identifying their original home address’s (sometimes inaccurately) and places of importance in their history. This has now become a flood.

Research of Depeche Mode forum’s over the last 10 years has demonstrated the passion of fans to visit Basildon and their requests for information about where to go and the historical sites to see. Some visitors have had a bit of luck and bumped into a passer-by who was very happy to show them a few places in Basildon Town centre where the band had played or pubs where they had drunk.

With this in mind Bas Productions have run organised bus tour’s of Depeche Mode places of interest in Basildon since 2012. These tour’s have taken place during the annual BAS electronic music festival.

In 2013, The local Basildon newspaper said :”Depeche Mode attract such interest and devotion around the world that Basildon now see’s annual organised Bus Tours and music events celebrating the musical heritage of Basildon while promoting the ongoing legacy of electronic music with people attending from all over the world”.

Passengers are guided through the places where the members of Depeche Mode, grew up and rehearsed. Passengers will also visit locations where they were photographed as a band and have the opportunity of being photographed in the same places. Our passenger’s are guided by friend’s, musician’s and associate’s of the band from their early days in Basildon who are able to give a unique insight into the locations and early history of the band.

This years tour’s take place on Saturday afternoon JUNE 27 starting at 11:00.

2015 Bas Bus

 Tour Guides That Have Participated in the Tour

Peter Hobbs

Peter Hobbs was born in Basildon and went to St Nicholas School with the likes of Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher, Alison Moyet, Rob Marlow and our own Sue Ryder Paget....


Robert Marlow

Robert Marlow grew up in Basildon with future Depeche Mode members Vince Clarke, Martin Gore, and Andy Fletcher. He is also tied to Alison Moyet, with whom he played in a band, The Vandals...


Comments From Past Tours

Marcin Krakowiak (Poland)

“It was great to visit Basildon and tak part in the Bas Bus 2013. Many thanks for Bas Production team for perfect organization of this event!”


Gunn Karine Sperling Opdal (Denmark)

“Bas Bus-tour, the best travel through Depeche Mode’s history. The stories you haven’t heard before.”


Sari Soffiantini (Sweden)

“I loved going on the Bas Bus Tour, there was a great atmosphere, meeting so many new friends with the same interest. How great it was to see places where Martin, Dave, Andy and Vince grew up and spent their time. We got to hear stories from the past from our lovely tour- guides who did a splendid job at that.. And wow they all had great stories to tell !!! Thanks to you all the guides and everyone!! So many great memories!!!”


Jenn Corker (NEW YORK CITY)

“Growing up in New York and listening to Depeche Mode on 92.7 WDRE / WLIR, I often wondered who they were and where they were from. I never thought I’d be traveling to Basildon and walk around the town they grew up in. At first I was a little shy, thinking “this is such a stalker thing to do”, but after meeting Tim, Steve, and the rest if the crew who grew up in the area, it became a celebration of not only the band, but also the time and environment they grew up in. I really enjoyed the tour and the obvious enthusiasm the guides and organizers had for the band and Basildon. Well done!!!”


Thomas Muller (Germany)

“At all the places you will visit on the bus-tour, you can feel the special spirit where Dave, Martin ,Andrew and Vince stayed a long time ago. During the tour the chaperon tells you some very interesting stories, you can imagine as it was at this time. The time-travelling back to the early time of Depeche Mode was awesome . . ! “


Ivan Lavaccara Parolini (Switzerland)

“The BAS DM BUS Tour is a wonderful experience. in the past thousands of fans who came to Basildon went in search of their places, but without a clear destination. With the tour bus they all have the chance ‘to’ breathe ‘their history, their origins. everything told by those who know about DM. Childhood friends, their photographer, the musicians who have collaborated with DM. Every place is recounted with anecdotes that you will never find in biographical books. And finally many of the curiosity of the fans have been answered, definitely a ‘unique experience that makes you realize how important Basildon was for the group.”


Chris Mines (UK)

“I can thoroughly recommend the Bas bus tour. Though it is great to see where the members of DM lived and grew up, they are just buildings and places. What makes the whole thing so special is the personal perspective of the Bas “crew”. Stories and memories of the Basildon of the 1970’s and 80’s , the beginnings of the band and those special stories that only those with first hand knowledge can tell … who’d have thought Fletch would still be “Flush” all these years later … It’s a complete joy to see the enduring friendships of those who were there at the beginning of DM and Yazoo and that warm Basildon welcome is extended to all their guests, no matter how stupid the questions !!! Plus the added excitement of being involved with real life Police chases. ….”


Lena Hamborg (Denmark)

“If you want to ‘Try walking in THEIR shoes’ you should join the BAS bus tour of Basildon. Fantastic to see the parts of the city where it all started and where they hung around as kids. Great stories from the past by people close to the band. Really a great afternoon. ….”

Bas DM Bus Tour Memories

Thank you to Susanne Magnusson, Sari Soffiantini, Stefan Soffiantini, Sophie Nilsson, Lena Hamborg, Gunn Karen Sperling Opdal, Ivan Lavaccara Parolini and Daniel Kobras for their contributions to this photo album.