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Sue Ryder Paget caught up with Iain and Matt of Sinestar for an intimate chat and about their recent new album ‘Singularis’.

  • Date
    October 2013
  • With
    Iain and Matt of Sinestar
  • Interviewer
    Sue Ryder Paget

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Latest Album ‘Singularis’



Until coming together in late 2008, British indi-electro collective Sinestar were walking totally diverse musical paths. The paths converged when bassist and studio owner Ade Pridham drew together Iain Brownlie (Vocals), Mark Trueman (Keys Programming), Matt Mohangee (Drums) and Steve John (Lead Guitar) in the form of Sinestar previous incarnation “Jagged”.

Inevitably, harnessing and focusing the energies of a group from such diverse musical backgrounds took it’s toll, resulting in 4/5 of the band parting company. However, all was not lost, the 4/5 majority were inspired enough to form Sinestar.

Sinestars sound unapologetically pays reverence to the 80’s synth soundscape but brings it bang up to date with crunching guitars, tight backbeats, well crafted bass hooks and well thought melodies and lyrics.

So what do Sinestar sound like

Sinestar sound like the child of a rendevous between Muse and Ultravox, Faithless meeting U2. The music is moody, ambient, heartbreaking, uplifting, euphoric, and always thought provoking.

The best way to hear Sinestar is to see them live where the energy of the music really hits home. Unlike many bands in this mould, Sinestar stay true to their beliefs that you can’t have a band without guitars, bass and drums. They are used to full effect.

The future

The band is extremely excited and positive about the future and the direction that they are moving in. Sinestar released critically acclaimed debut EP ‘I am the rain’ in early 2012, following up with further releases Hope and Prey, and Smokescreen, eventually releasing debut album ‘Singularis’ in October 2013, with official launch party kicking off 2014 in style.

2014 will see Sinestar extensively touring and promoting their debut album, and working on follow up material.

The Line up

Mark Trueman Synths & programming
Iain Brownlee Vocals & guitar
James Skuse Bass
Matt Mohangee Drums