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Modovar are songwriting team, Christopher Beecham (Vocals) and Glen Wisbey (Music). Each member of this duo brings their varied and eclectic musical influence to the mix and so the name, Modovar, derived from Arabic and ‘of uncertain origin’ perfectly captures this diversity; influenced by formative synth artists, Yazoo, Depeche Mode and Eurythmics, inspired by classic pop, torch song singers and 70′s soul and with more than a nod to the dance floor, Modovar’s sound is uniquely their own and yet immediately accessible to the listener.

The debut album, ‘The Sea of Unspoken Words’ is released on 16th April 2013 – a collection of melodic, vocally driven and chorus led songs, often disguising the darker tone of the lyrics. These episodes from a life detail the undercurrents of love and of loss but ultimately always hold hope.

Opening with ‘Clearly’, an electronic hymn to love and blind faith to the final refrains of ‘Only A Fool’ an epic piano ballad of sad resolution and heartbreak…’The Sea of Unspoken Words’ maps out a life in relationships from the ecstatic highs of love at first sight, the unrequited love of ‘If I Called’, the betrayal within ‘The Lies We Tell Ourselves for Love’, the violent ‘King of Pain’, and the hope after loss of ‘Where There’s Life’

This album marks the closing of a chapter…‘Everything about yesterday has gone with yesterday. Today, it is needed to say new things’